Sunday, June 27, 2010

Long absense

Haven't logged on to my deserted blog for a longgg time... almost forgot my ID & password.

There were too many things happening in my life while i was away, hope i can be more active in this blog in the future....Will try to come back and update more, even nobody is checking this anymore :))

Going back to focus on World Cup 2010 now, which team will win this time around ?!?!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Unfortunate, random incident"

(CNN) -- A 30-year-old dolphin at Sea World has died after colliding with another dolphin while performing aerial tricks, the Orlando, Florida, amusement park said Monday.

The incident occurred about 4:30 p.m. Saturday at the Discovery Cove area of the park, according to a statement by Sea World spokeswoman Becca Bides.

The animals were in the center of the lagoon and not near guests, she said.

The dolphin who died was named Sharky. The other dolphin, Tyler, is being watched by veterinarians but appears to be fine, Bides said.

"This is an unfortunate, random incident," Bides said in a written statement.

"While it is not unusual to have two animals performing aerial behaviors at the same time, we are reviewing the situation to ensure even such a random incident does not occur again."

So now... does that make me still want to go see Dolphin shows?... I'm not so sure.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Smile smile smile :)

For those who used to come visit my blog, you would notice (and if my music playlist works) that my background music has changed again.
And even you just get lost to this page, don't browse away yet - enjoy the music first :) ... unless you're in the mood for hardcore rock or that sort

Just want to share these beautiful voices that make me smile and feel so relaxed at the moment, i hope they would do the same magic to you too :))

In my list:

Kelly Sweet - I just fell in love with her voice the first time i heard 'We are One' ~ sooo beautiful.....plenty of amazing songs in her album, good for Sunday afternoon
Missy Higgins - 'Where i stood' , 'Warm Whisper', 'Sugarcane' (Album: On A Clear Night) ... aussie talent, still trying to find the previous album of hers
Wallis Bird - first heard over the series from UK.. awesome show and now introducing me to my new favorite artist.... in my playlist, there are 'The Circle' and 'Counting to Sleep' ~ 'Spoons' is the album you should have :)
Sara Bareilles - 'Love Song' and 'Bottle it up' among many others.. on Billboard Chart now so i guess most of you have heard already and knew how talented she is
Feist - 'One two three four' , 'I feel it all' ... i can't stop smiling and dancing along with the songs! I know her album is released for like a year already, but never too late to start listening right... and she got the coolest Music Videos!!!
Colbie Caillat - Simply the whole album (esp. Battle, Bubbly, Feelings Show, The Little Thing..) I can sing almost every song now :D
Kate Havnevik - Been listening to her work for a while, cuz of Grey's Anatomy actually ~ loving 'So-Lo' and 'Kaleidoscope'
Yael Naim
- sweet, cute song 'New Soul' - brighten up my day whenever i hear it.

Well... just enjoy (^^/)

NLDS 2008 – Be the Captain of Your Own Ship!

As I mentioned in the last post about my participation in NLDS 2008 – now I finally have a mood to write up about it (after almost a month gone by)

It was held at Assumption University, Suvarnabhumi Campus, on 8-10 February. Well, the campus was luxurious – like I always remember – so it's good to be back.. so many memories there :)

So what I learned & discovered this time – as an Alumna, no particular role in the conference!

Happy Moments: @ dances in public again :P , amused by new LC rollcalls, meeting old & happy faces, converse with people that have the same interests and passion again! Feel energized just being there ~ though not everything went smoothly and its damn tiring the next day at work -_-''

Not so happy moments: when nothing is ready or nearly ready as you would expect, only 2 rest rooms available at the floor (how did we survive it last time??), no coffee... walking to 7-11 is not my favorite choice, but considering as morning exercise sounds good to me J ~ and seeing those kids - under 20… hmmmm

Frustration: I think it’s typical for recent alumni to feel like this; you question about your involvement in AIESEC - how much help you should offer to them, or wait til they come around and ask. Are you allowed to criticize their work and what’s the limit that you can be getting into… do they really want you to be there?
And the feeling that you know you shouldn’t, but you can’t help to, to compare this year to yours and how they work to your time ~ letting go is hard eh.

Self-discovery: It was good to sit in this session again – this time, the speaker (she was really cool, btw) took us back to our childhood… all the way back to present time. And I like the way it was delivered, well, first starting off in big circle ~ relaxing body & mind… thinking back through our past… ~ then splitting in group of 4, where one would share one’s stories and others would attentively listen – no question, no interruption – until everyone finished then discussion would rise. Many questions really helped me reflecting: of my ability, my potential, my passion and maybe my goals (^^).
But there was this one question – it was simply just to imagine myself when I was a kid, where was I in the house and who I was with. Being me, overanalyzing things sometimes, that image sort of explain a lot of why I am who I am now (in some aspects), kinda interesting to see it as explanation for my complex.
Anyway, at the end of the session, I was left with more questions: where does my real passion lie, where am I heading to… am I on the right path?

So I pretty much learned a lot more than I expected, and had quite some fun too… I could only wish they would keep inviting me to their conferences :)

(wanna share some pics from my reunion - not so related to this post, but well.. :P)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A series of reunions....

Im pretty happy this month, simply because of the idea of all these coming reunions :)

First, i was invited just to chair the legislation in NLDS'08 ... it was on the first night but eventually i ended up staying til the end while tryin to help around a bit. Nice to see the old faces again especially the other alumni and MC team, got to talk more to 2 interns that were on faci team and they are awesome! Remind me so much of our conference last year; to see the same group of people last year stil here now.. it makes me realize that we have achieved it last year.. to inspire and empower them to be at this point today :)
I sure had lots of thoughts about this but i'll keep them for the next post ^^

And with many attempts to arrange, for once, a big reunion of my highschool friends - my gang, my best friends - 9 of us together again in years (one even flew all the way from Australia for this, but one's stuck in Paris though :p)!
Really excited to see all of them again, we've been friends since.. (1999) wow.. that was really long time ago! Been through a lot... some fights, some cries, some drunken nights and a lot of good laughs. Even though we haven't talked or seen each other much lately, but i know that we can just reconnect n catch up like there's no gap between us every single time we meet... thats when you know they are you best friends (^.-)
Hmm... cant stop smiling just thinking about it, i expect nothing but crazy & magnificent time with them.... will revisit the places that we used to hang out back in highschool - well, i dont feel like i've grown much from that time though... the child in me still exists and she misses her old times soooo soo much.. the time where nothing in the world seemed to bother her & smallest, most stupid things now seemed like sucha big deal in life then.

Another big(?) reunion wil be with my MC 05/06 team ~ although not a full team cuz some are not in the country now... but im happy that we keep our reunion a tradition :)
Last year was pretty crazy... well, just a little for my standard ... but im getting old and easily tired now, so i don't expect such a wild night afterall.
It's also funny now looking back to that year; we used to spend so much energy on some stupid arguments with MC, LCs and Alumni... when it was so unnecessary to, but we were young and in the middle of everything ... well, its kinda proved that we've grown up from that time to be able to look back, laugh about it and think that was just stupid. I did learn and grow from those mistakes though :)
Anyway, pretty excited to see the same old faces again ~ so much memories, though i have many mini-gatherings with my girls all the time but i still much look forward to this one!

At last, something interesting in my boring life ;)

Monday, February 04, 2008


I am waking from a dream.
I am choking on a scream.
You are trying to show me something.
But, the dark is wide and long.
The gates are closed, the CROWDS are gone.
But, you're still shimmering and leading me on.

Firefly, that's what you are.
Burning for me in my darkest hour.
Light breaks where no sun shines.
So, shine for me tonight.

I wait, two magnolias sweet and fresh.
Lines of poetry on my breath.
If you were here, would have you have stole away?
My inspiration is an evening star.
So, come to me wherever you are.
I will wait for you, tonight, alone in the dark.

Firefly, that's what you are.
Burning for me in my darkest hour.
Light breaks where no sun shines.
So, come as you are, my evening star.
And, shine for me, tonight.

Won't you come to me?
oh, won't you come to me?
So, come to me


Just a song that keeps spinning in my head the whole day. Heard it over the radio the other day, totally drawn to it.. knowing only the name of the song 'Firefly'.
Kept googling until i found the artist, 2 versions - Tori Amos' and Greta Gaines'.

Surprisingly, i couldn't find any place to download and only one person stream it online! Well, i could pay for it but unfortunately i dont have a credit card & i believe they don't import this single here either cuz ... not many people know it.

I dont know why it's stuck in my head so much - cuz the meaning of the song? the melody & the voice? or the fact that i can't have it in my player?? Probably all of the above..... so i'll just continue singing this song until i find my own Firefly.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

24 January, 2008

Just wanna let anyone who still bothers to check my blog know that i'm still alive up to this date ... perfectly fine and being my normal self - too lazy to update my blog ;)

Its a bit scary to think of what to update since my last post... a lot has happened... and i still haven't even updated about IC & Turkey as promised (not even pics on my facebook, duh)!
I guess that part would never happen now, not so exciting anymore :P

Major thing that happened would be... i finally stopped being lazy for a while and started looking for job, and found it real fast! Now officially work at Toshiba Electronics Service (Thailand) as marketing assistant. Almost 3 months now, still under probation though... yet i found myself late 3 times already, and chatting & reading e-books everytime my boss is not around, im an ideal employee (heck, i even post this while at work)!!

I wouldn't say i love my work here, but its alright... To sum up, we sell electronic parts to customer in Thailand.. i handle 3 accounts; mainly coordianate the delivery of their orders + alot of paper work. I pretty much enjoy it when im not too free, my colleagues are cool & fun - we all love KTV :) After lunch, i would play table-tennis with others - small table with some unique rules ;) - and now, basketball after work! And the fact that its close to my home + damn cheap food, i love it! Only bad thing, gotta get up early cuz we work on Singapore time (1 hr ahead), so start work at 8 a.m. ahhh.

Besides working, the only interesting thing in my life would be.. Lasik Surgery! Now i got my sight back.. no more glasses & contact lens... a truly life-changing experience, a whole new world! A bit scary during the operation, little pain... but worth it :))

well.... other than that, my life is a bore.... attending small parties & gatherings sometimes, playing PS2, watching TV & news on our political matter... trying to ignore things associated with politics & our f%&*ed up government...moving my room .. redecorating room... seeing my house been renovated....seeing my dog fatter (like owner?) ... hoping to go to movie after not goin for almost 3 months? Hmmmmm, the usual.

So now you know im alive -- come back again and check how alive i would be next month ;)

(Did i mention i survive a 10-day vegetarian meat/eggs/garlic/soy sauce & no sin commited for 10 whole days!!)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Im still alive!!

Yes yes yes...finally an update from me, which means i'm still alive :) first blog entry after...very long time ago (but im very active on facebook by the way)! I was trying to sit down and start writing but i gave up half way cuz there were too many things to write from my first week in Turkey. Now its been almost a month and a half since i left home and there are toooo tooo many things happening during that time, i wish i could start writing earlier!!

So, what happened?
Part 1 - I went to start my work as Congress Committee for IC 2007 in Turkey on Aug 1; pre-conference preparation time.... ohh.... getting to know each other, to know my work..many sessions and hang outs. That was 17 days til the pre-meeting started, felt just like yesterday; first time i stepped out of the airport, stepped into the campus - to CC office... chill-out area...all the people in CC office and cantine...damn i miss that place!

Part 2 - When the conference started...10 days + 3 days of pre-meeting: meeting the delegates & global coordinators & external guests...working harder and harder everyday, complaining & bitching about everything to everyone! That was intense, and i still couldn't believe how slow & how fast it went by!

Part 3 - Post Tour!!! Didnt intend to leave the site that early (day after its over), but my visa already expired - and being me, doing things in last minute - i decided to tag along with the malaysian delegates + Remy to Athens, Greece!!! Then came back to Istanbul for 2 days before heading off to Ephesus & Pamukale Tour :)) Ahh...and how i missed my homemade food at that point (and running short on money) so i decided to move my flight up to Sep 10 ~ i could go home and celebrate my birthday with my familly :)))

Love all the places i visited, too many photos and post about it would take forever!

Details of each part will be updated later.... i got all the time in the world now (at least i feel like that :p) so hopefully it will be soon as well as photos on my facebook.

(5.20 P.m. @Burger King, Sirkeci - Istanbul, Turkey)